Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Body Shape Bible

My latest read is The Body Shape Bible by Trinny and Susannah (from the TV show What Not To Wear). Women's bodies vary a lot more than the standard 4 body types (hourglass, top heavy triangle, bottom heavy triangle, and rectangle) so Trinny and Susannah have extended these categories into 12 types which factor in other issues like leg length and build.

What I really liked about this guide was that it explained why some clothing styles work and others don't, complete with photos. Being a Vase, I should avoid smock tops, sleeveless tops and chunky shoes. The good thing is that Vases can wear glamourous styles like fitted blouses, pencil skirts and big hair for everyday wear and not look over the top. It just so happens I'm making the Kasia skirt which is so appropriate.

The Daily Mail has a summary of the 12 body types and the sorts of clothes and accessories that look best on each type.

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  1. I like Trinny and Susannah for the same reason- I need stuff like that explained to me so I can replicate it.

    Now tell me WHO/WHERE is putting on a burlesque knicker-making class?!?!?!?!? Too cool!