Friday, October 30, 2009

Linen skirt

I actually finished this skirt ages ago - in January.  I saw this linen fabric on sale and thought it would be perfect for the Michelle pattern from  It was easy to make although ensuring that the contrast bands around the waist were sewn on straight was time consuming.  The bands were made from the underside of the fabric.

The original pattern has box pleats but I didn't like them so I changed them to knife pleats that point inwards. I also omitted the contrast hem because I wanted to keep the design simple.

The linen was scratchy to wear so I used cotton voile for lining and bias tape for the waistband facing.  The triple stitching around the waist is for decorative purposes (not that anyone will notice) and also helps to stitch down the bias tape.  The zipper is on the right-hand side of the skirt.

Total cost: about $55

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